How to Repair Mobile Home Roofs

Probably the most common trouble for Rv proprietors is roof leaks. Because of the utilization of less expensive materials, many models (particularly the older ones), just don’t endure well towards the elements. Most of the newer designs include composition shingle roofs and repairs act like conventional homes. It is only a matter of matching in the color and removing and replacing that old shingles. The older ones are a bit more complicated. The next steps can help show you with the process.

1. Locate the issue

You can expect to notice a roof covering problem by realizing a brownish or rust colored stain within the ceiling. Probably the most apparent place to discover the leak may be the area directly over the stain. However, that isn’t always the origin. Water may penetrate the rooftop in one location and travel before locating the ceiling below. When the damage isn’t apparent directly over the stain, start to expand your research with other areas. Sometimes, the tiniest of holes, may cause lots of damage and also the smaller sized the leak, the greater difficult it will likely be to locate. It will likely be to your benefit to consider a brush up and sweep all the leaves along with other debris away before inspecting the rooftop. The making of roofs of all older mobile homes will contain thin sheets of metal 4 to eight ft wide running in the front to the rear of the house. The seams will often overlap and could lock together or might be sealed with a kind of metal or fiberglass type tape. These seams and also the places where vents and pipes penetrate the rooftop would be the probably places to leak.

2. Determine the Repair Method

After you have determined in which the leak is originating from, you have to decide which kind of fix is required. For leaks in the seams, you’ve got a handful of options. The initial step prior to doing any repair would be to to completely clean inside a 12-18 inch radius from the leak. No mater which kind of patch material you utilize, the likelihood of it working and lasting will be far better if it’s put on a clear dry area. Make use of a wire brush, Brillo pad or a bit of emery paper to wash in addition to rough in the area. All patching materials will bond easier to a rougher surface. Once you have cleaned the region to become repaired, you are prepared to use the patch. Among the following options should work with your repair.

Tape the Seams – Probably the most effective repair methods is by using a peel and stick tape. There’s a couple of different products available. But, essentially, it’s a roll 12-24 inches wide composed of the foil type surface by having an asphalt or black tar type backing. You simply cut a bit of material big enough to pay for the broken area, peel the backing in the tape and canopy the leak, using the foil side from the tape up. Press the tape lower firmly, especially in the edges. The perimeters from the tape should extend a minimum of one foot in every direction in the leak. With respect to the width from the material you utilize, it might be essential to use two or more overlapping pieces. Always make certain to see and stick to the manufacturers instructions to offer the the best results.

Asphalt Based Coatings – Another common repair strategy is asphalt based products. This really is most likely the most typical kind of roof repair for mobile homes or conventional homes. It’s very durable, will stick to just about any surface, and it is simple enough to use. There are many different brands, however the goods are similar. You will get in 1 or 5 gallon buckets or smaller sized jobs these come in caulking tubes. The fabric in buckets is usually used by distributing having a trowel or putty knife, but, there are several items that are available in a thinner pourable solution that may be brushed or folded on. The primary downside of asphalt materials may be the mess. Intend on getting plenty of rags or towels that must be tossed away. The suggested cleanup is frequently gasoline. That is harmful so, of course, browse the hazardous material information before using any product. For helping strengthen the repairs, you are able to apply fiberglass mesh using the asphalt. This kind of fix can be useful for seams, holes, or sealing around pipes and vents.

Elastomeric Coatings – The ultimate kind of Rv roof repair Let me discuss is rubber based or elastomeric coatings. They are thick liquid materials which are brushed or folded on and can cure to some plastic like coating or perhaps a more flexible rubber like surface. If done correctly, this is often an effective solution. However, it is vital that you review the merchandise to determine what kinds of materials it’ll bond to and which kind of preparation must be done. Unlike the asphalt items that will often work, to some extent, over any surface, elastomeric coatings will fail otherwise installed based on the specifications. Again, read all the technical data for procedures, safety safeguards, and cleanup methods.

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